The Sounds in My Head is a biweekly music show featuring songs and bands you might have missed. Hosted by Daniel.

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01. Mainline - Teleman
02. Glory Hallelujah - Teleman
03. Tangerine - Teleman
04. Someone Else's Plan - Adam Green
05. Interested in Music - Adam Green
06. Time Chair - Adam Green
07. Love You All the Time - La Lenguas
08. 9 to 5 - La Lenguas
09. Point of Being Right - Shannon & The Clams
10. How Long - Shannon & The Clams
11. Disappear - Horsebeach
12. Midnight Part 2 - Horsebeach
13. Where There's No One - The She-Devils
14. No Love Like Yours - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

This episode includes clips from Adam Green's movie Aladdin, courtesy of the soundtrack.

01. Cocaine - The Sleepwalkers
02. Philip the Engineer - Jr. Jr.
03. In My Mind (Summertime) - Jr. Jr.
04. Luxury Child - Strange Names
05. Potential Wife - Strange Names
06. He Didn't Mention His Mother - Eleanor Friedberger
07. Your Word - Eleanor Friedberger
08. Wonderful - Cate Le Bon
09. Find Me - Cate Le Bon
10. Keeping the Flame - Kelley Stoltz
11. August - Kelley Stoltz
12. Prank Calls - Kelley Stoltz

This episode features a clip from Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah where Desi Lydic asks tourists and locals to weigh in on Ted Cruz' negative assessment of "New York values."

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01. Sphynx - La Femme
02. High - Royal Headache
03. My Own Fantasy - Royal Headache
04. Boyfriend - The Goon Sax
05. Sometimes Accidentally - The Goon Sax
06. California Dreamin' - Amason
07. I Want to Know What Love Is - Amason
08. Sunshine on a Rainy Day - Mirrors
09. All My Days - Mirrors
10. Mrs. Lennon - Yoko Ono
11. Yes, I'm Your Angel - Yoko Ono
12. I Want to Die by Your Side - The Magic Theatre

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01. One Way Glass - Innerspace Orchestra
02. What You Talking About? - Peter Bjorn & John
03. Wally Wilder - Delicate Steve
04. Big Time Receiver - Delicate Steve
05. Love is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia
06. Dearest - Mickey & Sylvia
07. Dearest - Shockwave Riderz
08. Toyland - Gene Pierson
09. La Femme aux Faux Cils - We are Enfant Terrible
10. Je suis amoureuse - We are Enfant Terrible
11. Headache in My Heart - The Go! Team
12. Drive - Britta Phillips

This episode features a clip from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher where Bill chastises liberals who talk about being unwilling to support the lesser of two liberal candidates because one isn't sufficiently pure. As a life-long Bernie supporter who loves Ralph Nader, I can relate to both sides, but I 100% agree with Bill here. Hillary's going to be just fine if enough people don't let perfect be the enemy of the good.

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01. Sinister - Frankie Cosmos
02. Duvan - Amason
03. Went to War - Amason
04. Don't Think Twice - Britta Phillips
05. One Fine Summer Morning - Britta Phillips
06. I'm Not a Young Man Anymore - My Robot Friend feat. Dean & Britta
07. Gone - My Robot Friend feat. Dean Wareham
08. Memory - Violent Femmes
09. Foothills - Violent Femmes
10. High Notes - La Sera
11. A Thousand Ways - La Sera
12. Marble Machine - Wintergatan
13. Strangers in the Night - The Morning Benders
14. Run Mascara Run - The Raveonettes

This episode features a clip from WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show with a montage of Donald Trump and Marco Rubio making fun of one another in very grown-up, presidential ways. And also a clip from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher where Bill discusses the very mature state of the GOP presidential primary.

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01. Lean - VHS Collection
02. Oh, To Be a Defector - Chorusgirl
03. Sweetness and Slight - Chorusgirl
04. Survival - Adult Mom
05. When You Are Happy - Adult Mom
06. Who Let the Devil - The Fresh & Onlys
07. Animal of One - The Fresh & Onlys
08. To Move On - Photo Ops
09. You Could Be Great - Photo Ops
10. Weekend - Quarterbacks
11. Waiting for You to Come Around - Radiator Hospital
12. I Was Fine Before - Radiator Hospital
13. Water - Ra Ra Riot

This episode features an extended clip of Sam Harris' Waking Up podcast where he discusses Meat Without Misery with Uma Valeti, cardiologist and CEO of Memphis Meats. I don't normally put such long clips on, but this is something I'm particularly interested in, and I couldn't get it any shorter. Also, while the clip is long it is nevertheless significantly edited down. So if you're interested, listen to the whole interview.

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01. Dinner Party - Moustache of Insanity
02. Young - Frankie Cosmos
03. O Contest Winner - Frankie Cosmos
04. Reality TV - Sports
05. GDP - Sports
06. The Washing Machine - Sports
07. Feel You - Julia Holter
08. Sea Calls Me Home - Julia Holter
09. Golden Hind - Dr. Dog
10. Bring My Baby Back - Dr. Dog
11. Uu Uu Uu - Jaakko Eino Kalevi
12. When You Walk Through Them All - Jaakko Eino Kalevi

This episode includes a clip of Milla Jovovich (Leeloo Dallas) in The 5th Element. And of The SNL Sportscasters.

ALSO: TSiMH is now on Spotify! Follow my Season 13 Playlist. More songs will be added as new episodes come out. Look out for other playlists as well!

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01. Football Season's Over - Shelley Fabares
02. Trouble - Cage the Elephant
03. Cold Cold Cold - Cage the Elephant
04. Perfect - The Range of Light Wilderness
05. Under Your Spell - The Range of Light Wilderness
06. True True - The Range of Light Wilderness
07. Coffee Cold - Galt MacDermot
08. Farmland - Galt MacDermot
09. Lady, You Look Good to Me - Galt MacDermot
10. Blur - Jonathan Bree
11. Tear Your Face Off - Jonathan Bree
12. Too Many People - Princess Chelsea
13. We are Strangers - Princess Chelsea
14. Free the Skull - Moon Duo

This is the last episode of Season 12. I'll be taking some time off at the start of the new year, and probably ramp up Season 13 in February 2016.

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Special “Mostly Xmas” Episode!

01. Not a Holiday Song - Câlisse
02. Long White Beard (feat. Robin Goldwasser) - They Might Be Giants
03. And Mom and Kid - They Might Be Giants
04. College Town - They Might Be Giants
05. Postcard #3 - Jens Lekman
06. Postcard #35 - Jens Lekman
07. Belize Navidad (feat. Anika Pyle) - Chris Farren
08. Like a Gift From God or Whatever (feat. Jenny Owen Youngs) - Chris Farren
09. Christmas in Dearborn - Advance Base
10. Christmas in Milwaukee - Advance Base
11. Just Like Christmas - Derek
12. Wonderful Christmastime - Derek & Scenic World
13. In My Teeth - The Rosebuds
14. Give Me a Reason - The Rosebuds
15. Jingle Bells - River Whyless

This episode features They Might Be Giants' "Long White Beard" which Kelli and I made the music video for! Be sure to check it out, and also watch the "behind the scenes" video we put together.

If you missed it, you can always go back and listen to the special episode from 2007 about how Kelli and I met at a TMBG concert. Link:

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01. Nous Etions Deux - La Femme
02. Oh Baby Doll - La Femme
03. My Camel - Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
04. Fire to My Mind - Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
05. Majorette - Beach House
06. The Traveller - Beach House
07. California Owls - Death and Vanilla
08. Follow the Light - Death and Vanilla
09. Longing - Soda Shop
10. 'Round and 'Round - Soda Shop
11. JEK - Jaakko Eino Kalevi
12. Deeper Shadows - Jaakko Eino Kalevi
13. Douce France - Charles Trenet

The music I talked over this episode was "Witch Dub" by La Femme, "Door No. 2" by Cat's Eyes, and "Paris Paris" by Cha Cha Guitri.

This wasn't a Special Paris episode, but it really should have been.