The Sounds in My Head is a biweekly music show featuring songs and bands you might have missed. Hosted by Daniel.

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01. Handsome - The Vaccines

02. Crybaby Demon - Crocodiles

03. Blue - Crocodiles

04. Chewing Your Bones - Marietta

05. Death to the Music - Marietta

06. The Way You'd Love Her - Mac DeMarco

07. Flying Lessons - Fool's Gold

08. Another Sun - Fool's Gold

09. Can't Go On - Finnmark!

10. Transpennine Express - Finnmark!

11. Talking to the Sun - Cristallin

12. Hinterland - Silver Firs


This episode features a clip from Louis CK's monologue during his recent appearance on the season finale of Saturday Night Live. In it he analogizes his children to never ending conflict in the middle east.

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01. Mhlobo Mdala - The Queens and Ndlondlo Bashise Band

02. Let Go - The Very Best

03. Kanyale - The Very Best

04. Hotels - Frank LoCrasto

05. Bad Lieutenant - Frank LoCrasto

06. Green's Leaves - Chilly Gonzales

07. Solitaire - Chilly Gonzales

08. Stranger Still - Vetiver

09. Dome Creed - Alex Burey

10. Amen - Alex Burey

11. Breathless - DIET CIG

12. Harvard - DIET CIG

13. Itchycoo Park - Nellie McKay

14. If I Fell - Nellie McKay

15. Cemetery Girl - The Lost Kites


This episode features a clip from Chilly Gonzales’ Pop Master Class where he deconstructs Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, and a short clip from the start of a terrible interview with Nellie McKay.

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01. Ghost Dance - Femme Fantasm

02. Rich Girls - Grizzly Business

03. Puebla - Grizzly Business

04. Quiet Night in Stockholm - Finnmark!

05. 1865 - Cape Canaveral

06. Goin' Up the Country - Deerhoof

07. Wicked Game - Cross Record

08. I've Got to Surf Away - Le Grand Miercoles

09. Commin' Home Baby - Le Grand Miercoles

10. All the Lazy Boyfriends - They Might Be Giants

11. Madam, I Challenge You to a Duel - They Might Be Giants

12. Should Have Known Better - Sufjan Stevens


This episode features clips about equality for gays which for some reason is still an issue. First a clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart's coverage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana. Then a clip from this past weekend's White House Correspondents Dinner where President Obama cracked wise around issues of gay rights.

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01. First Light - Django Django

02. The Scene Between - The Go! Team

03. The Art of Getting By (Song for Heaven's Gate) - The Go! Team

04. No Destruction - Foxygen

05. San Francisco - Foxygen

06. Hair of the Dog - Tele Novella

07. Stephanie Says - Tele Novella

08. This Time Tomorrow - Telekinesis!

09. Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) - Irma Thomas

10. Find Out What's Happening - Bobby Bare

11. Fresh Blood - Eels

12. Galveston - Glen Campbell


This episode features a clip from HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher discussing Andrew Jarecki’s recent 6-part documentary series of Robert Durst, The Jinx.

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01. Water from a Vine Leaf - William Orbit and Beth Orton

02. Electronic Rhythm Number Three - Pye Corner Audio

03. Nocturne for Ginza - Sun Airway

04. Sunflowers - Sun Airway

05. Beyond the Towers - Kat Epple & Bob Stohl

06. Celestial Soda Pop - Ray Lynch

07. Pacific Ocean - Dirty Beaches

08. World as Oyster - Fall on Your Sword

09. Dissolving TimeAmbient - H.U.V.A. Network

10. A Brief History of Time Title - Philip Glass

11. Slow, Simple, Sad 3 - Philip Glass

12. SB-02 - Unknown Mortal Orchestra


This episode features a clip of the audio book version of Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot.

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01. Dorian - Surfer Blood

02. Lose Sight of You - Radiator Hospital 

03. The Eye - Radiator Hospital 

04. Five & Dime - Radiator Hospital 

05. Dance the Disillusionment Away - Smoking Ghosts

06 Maybe Tonight I'll Find You - Smoking Ghosts (feat. Liana Lewis Agredo)

07. Perfect Couples - Belle & Sebastian

08. A Politician's Silence - Belle & Sebastian

09. Tears for Lamont - Kadhja Bonet

10. Tokay - Dengue Fever

11. Golden Flute - Dengue Fever

12. Shipwrecking - Computer Magic


This episode features a clip from Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where Jon is responding to the right-wing media's reaction to news that he will be stepping down as host of the show sometime this year. I only put on a minute of it, but the whole segment is glorious. Don't miss the 50-lies in 6 seconds vine they put together.

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01. Sea Saw - Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake

02. Shade - North Highlands

03. Quitter - North Highlands

04. The Application - Sonny & the Sunsets

05. Secret Plot - Sonny & the Sunsets

06. There’s a Girl in the Corner - The Twilight Sad

07. Pills I Swallow - The Twilight Sad

08. Candle in the Wind (Ben's Song) - Andrew Jackson Jihad 

09. Temple Grandin - Andrew Jackson Jihad 

10. I Wanna Rock Out in My Dreams - Andrew Jackson Jihad 

11. Grrrls Like Us - Leggy

12. Sweet Teeth - Leggy

13. Making it Up as We Go Along - Chancius


In recognition of Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary, this episode features a couple of my favorite old SNL commercial parodies, which have been impossible to watch until recently, including Wilson Countersink Flanges, and Bad Idea Jeans. And it's not on the show, but who could forget the awesome classic Leevi's Three Legged Jeans?!

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01. Just Like Honey (by Jesus and Mary Chain) - Headless Heroes

02. Strange Powers (by The Magnetic Fields) - The Shins

03. God Only Knows (by The Beach Boys) - She & Him

04. Unchained Melody (by The Righteous Brothers) - She & Him

05. Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day) - Loudon Wainwright III

06. Dream a Little Dream of Me - Margot Bingham

07. Smells Like Teen Spirit (by Nirvana) - The Nevermind Orchestra

08. Come as You Are (by Nirvana) - The Nevermind Orchestra

09. Friends of Mine (by The Zombies) - Of Montreal

10. The Opposite of Hallelujah (by Jens Lekman) - Teen Commandments

11. Digital Love (by Daft Punk) - Mobius Band

12. We've Got a World That Swings (Lil Mattis and Louis Yule Brown) - They Might Be Giants


This episode features a memorable clip of Chalky White (Michael K. Williams) from the first season of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, where he confronts the leader of the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and tells him a story about his upbringing.

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01. Hooray for Santy Claus - The Kickstand Band

02. Christmas Time - Piney Gir

03. I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You - The Garlands

04. Twinkle - JD McPherson

05. Little Drummer Boy - Dengue Fever

06. Santa Claus - The Fuzztones

07. No More Christmas Blues - The Vacant Lots

08. Just Like Christmas - Star Matters

09. Walking in the Air - The Eastern Sea

10. 2,000 Miles - Mark Kozelek

11. Wonderful Christmastime - Laura Gibson

12. All I Want for Christmas - Master Slash Slave

13. Wishing You a Merry Xmas - Blue Skies for Black Hearts

14. The Closest I Can Get - Sunturns

15. Christmas Thyme - The Olms


This episode features a clip of Chris Rock's monologue from his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live where he talks about the way America commercializes everything, even things that shouldn't be, like Christmas.

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01. Bombshell - Molly Rankin

02. Next of Kin - Alvvays

03. Archie, Marry Me - Alvvays

04. Breaking the Angle Against the Tide - Craft Spells

05. Laughing for My Life - Craft Spells

06. Hammered - Richard In Your Mind

07. Four Leaf Clover Salad - Richard In Your Mind

08. Distress - Popstrangers

09. Country Kills - Popstrangers

10. Court / Date - Literature

11. Chorus - Literature

12. Take It Easy - Hopeton Lewis

13. Cool Collie - Hopeton Lewis

14. Knight Moves Solo Piano - Chilly Gonzales


This episode features a clip of Bill Nye talking about the uniquely American problem of belief in young-earth creationism. Check out his great new book where he outlines just how Undeniable the evidence is for evolution.

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