The Sounds in My Head is a biweekly music show featuring songs and bands you might have missed. Hosted by Daniel.

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01. Know My Love - Weller

02. Secret Lives of Voyeurs - Teen Commandments

03. Photograph at the Louvre - Teen Commandments

06. Sanity Or Not - Juan Wauters

07. Continue to Be You - Juan Wauters

08. Killer in the Streets - The Raveonettes

09. A Hell Below - The Raveonettes

10. Avec Toi - Hristos Lainas feat. Pavlina Michailidi

11. Spirits' Theme - Kid Flicks

12. Queen - Perfume Genius


This episode features a short, somewhat edited, clip from a great interview on Inquiring Minds with science historian Naomi Oreskes. Along with Erik Conway, she wrote a new book called The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View from the Future. The book is set 400 years in the future and tells the story of a Chinese historian looking back what happened after humanity failed to act on global warming.

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01. So Now What - The Shins

02. Shelter Song - Temples

03. Test of Time - Temples

04. Shanghai Girls - IO Echo

05. When the Lillies Die - IO Echo

06. Future Folklore - Crystal Stilts

07. Electrons Rising (Reprise) - Crystal Stilts

08. Paralipomenon - Dorian Pimpernel

09. Alephant - Dorian Pimpernel

10. Hymne au confort - Cha Cha Guitri

11. La Joncque chinoise - Cha Cha Guitri

12. Overcome (Radio Edit) - Fé and D/R/U/G/S

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01. Writing's On the Wall - OK Go

02. Let Her Go - Mac DeMarco

03. Salad Days - Mac DeMarco

04. Blue Boy - Mac DeMarco

05. Bafana Bafana (South Africa) - Cop On the Edge

06. Dry Dry Land (Portugal) -  Tap Tap

07. 100,000 Thoughts -  Tap Tap

08. On My Way -  Tap Tap

09. King of Abstract Painters - Magenta Skycode

10. Kipling - Magenta Skycode

11. Limbo - Sin Cos Tan

12. Bittersweet - Sin Cos Tan

13. Tugboat - Finnmark!


This episode features a clip about FIFA from Last Week Tonight, the excellent new Daily-Show-esque series staring John Oliver on HBO.

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01. Who Needs the Bureau de Change - Greenland Sea (aka The Swapsies + Jam On Bread)

02. Through a Glass Darkly - Finnmark!

03. Considering a Move to Sweden - Finnmark!

04. Number One - This Many Boyfriends

05. How is this Even a Job? - This Many Boyfriends

06. Hour of the Dawn - La Sera

07. Fall in Place - La Sera

08. Last One to Know - Springtime Carnivore

09. Collectors - Springtime Carnivore

10. Animal (Mark Ronson Remix) - Miike Snow

11. Game Love - Gulp

12. Play - Gulp

13. No Regrets - Little Willie John


This episode features the audio from a hilarious pharmaceutical-style ad parody for "Vaccines" by Strange Meal, as well as an excerpt of Louis CK on NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross recounting a time when he lost the crowd at a benefit show. Also, don't forget to check out the killer new movie Blue Ruin!

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01. This Charming Video Game (The Smiths vs. Lana Del Rey) - The Reborn Identity

02. Unloveable - The Smiths

03. Jeane - The Smiths

04. The Boy with the Thorn in His Side - Holden

05. There is a Light That Never Goes Out - The Lucksmiths

06. Sheila Take a Bow - The Young Tradition

07. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want - The Karelia

08. Everyday Is Like Sunday - 10,000 Maniacs

09. What She Said - La Sera

10. This Charming Man - Stars

11. The Lazy Sunbathers - Morrissey

12. The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get - Morrissey


This episode features a clip from the UK TV documentary “The Importance of Being Morrissey” where his political stances, particularly regarding vegetarianism, are addressed.

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01. Bonita - Tommy Fogerty & The Blue Velvets

02. School - Frankie Cosmos

03. Owen - Frankie Cosmos

04. Sad 2 - Frankie Cosmos

05. Good Name - William Onyeabor

06. Do You Want a Man (remix) (Rework of Heaven & Hell) - The Vaccines

07. Coconut Husband - The Brand New Life

08. 15 Minutes Older - Carsick Cars

09. Wei Cheng - Carsick Cars

10. You Can't Be My Girl - Darwin Deez

11. Try Me Out Sometime - Broncho

12. Record Store - Broncho

13. Jigsaw Puzzle - Of Montreal


This episode features clips from a fun segment from NPR's All Things Considered tracing the origins of William Onyeabor, as well as from the new Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, where in episode 2 Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how every living thing is related, and this is revealed through DNA.

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01. Super Hero - La Garçonne

02. Out Among the Stars - Johnny Cash

03. Baby Ride Easy - Johnny Cash

04. Do I Make You Feel Shy? - Connan Mockasin

05. Caramel - Connan Mockasin

06. What is Worse - Cate Le Bon

07. Smoke and Mirrors - Widowspeak

08. They Are Growing - Vensaire

09. Sita Devi - Vensaire

10. Matador - The Teen Age

11. Ventura - The Teen Age

12. Bruce - North Highlands


This episode features a clip from an NPR story about Johnny Cash's new Out Amongst the Stars, plus a clip from Louis C.K.'s monologue when he recently hosted Saturday Night Live.

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01. Everyday - Oh Minnows

02. I Can Only Give My All - Dean Wareham

03. Holding Pattern - Dean Wareham

04. Planet Phrom - Ducktails

05. Ivy Covered House - Ducktails

06. Crime - Real Estate

07. How Might I Live - Real Estate

08. Nellie - Dr. Dog

09. The Truth - Dr. Dog

10. Let's Get It On - Quasi


This episode features a clip of David Edelstein's review of Wes Anderson's new film The Grand Budapest Hotel from NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. She also interviewed Wes Anderson about the movie, and it's a great listen! I also talked over nothing but music from the movie's wonderful score by Alexandre Desplat.

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01. Almost Home (Moby's Analog Mix) - Moby feat. Damien Jurado

02. Cotton Candy - PAPA

03. Got to Move - PAPA

04. Dark Water - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

05. War Zone - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

06. Ocean of Luxury - Chronic City (feat. Sleep Sleep)

07. Key Biscayne - Chronic City (feat. Henri Joel)

08. Isabella - Jargon Party

09. Will You Space Tonight - Jargon Party

10. Let Me Try - Fast Years

11. Stolen Love - Fast Years

12. Tiny Rose in the Snow - Haley Bonar

13. Plassical - Haley Bonar

14. Nero's Nocturne - Chilly Gonzales

15. Kenaston - Chilly Gonzales

16. Blue Moon - Beck


This episode features clips from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher where Bill's New Rule is about income inequality and all of the poor little billionaires tired of being persecuted.

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01. Talking Backwards - Real Estate

02. Skin & Leather - The Hidden Cameras

03. Year of the Spawn (Radio Edit) - The Hidden Cameras

04. After the Disco - Broken Bells

05. Dream a Little Crazy - Architecture In Helsinki

06. Angelfuck - Chalk & Numbers

07. Dreaming - Computer Magic

08. The Moon Song (Studio Version Duet) - Karen O & Ezra Koenig

09. Far from Any Road - The Handsome Family

10. Young Men Dead - The Black Angels

11. Bloodhounds On My Trail - The Black Angels

12. Dreaming - The Cosmic Rays (Sun Ra)

This episode features clips from NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross. First, an excerpt of David Edelstein's review of Spike Jonze's awesome film Her. Second an excerpt of David Bianculli's review of the new HBO series True Detective.

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