The Sounds in My Head is a music podcast featuring songs and bands you might have missed. Hosted by an indie-pop loving Brooklynite named Daniel since 2004.

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01. Orchard - LVL UP

02. So Cool - Pageants

03. Free - Pageants

04. It's Time - Foliage

05. The Other Day - Foliage

06. No Going Back - Yuno

07. Fall In Love - Yuno

08. Pizza - Las Piñas

09. Pizza (Bonus Track) - Las Piñas

10. Estúpida Canción de Amor - Las Piñas

11. Verano Dorado - Las Piñas

12. Implode - Ari Roar

13. Don't Have a Fit - Ari Roar

14. Off and On - Ari Roar

15. Miracles - Johnnie Frierson



This episode features a clip of me being interviewed about my pizza lunch at Vinnie’s on the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food. And also a funny clip from the best named legal podcast, Mic Dicta, where they’re discussing the embarrassing idiocy of Jordan Peterson.



01. On Division St. - Nation of Language

02. Lover Surreal - Video Age

03. Hold On (I Was Wrong) - Video Age

04. Circles - Strange Names

05. People to Go - Strange Names

06. The One to Wait - CCFX

07. Strange Combinations - Teleman

08. Submarine Life - Teleman

09. Bouquet - Levin Goes Lightly

10. Flowers - Levin Goes Lightly

11. End of Time (PAL Remix) - Alice Boman



This episode features, for no reason other than I remembered it recently and LOL’d, an old Onion Video News Network report about Yum Brands new Fast Food Feed Bags. Hilarious.

01. Life is Magic, Here is my Rabbit - Fraser Ross

02. Better - Teen

03. Come Back - Teen

04. Bout de Toi - Anemone

05. Baby Only You & I - Anemone

06. Sometimes - Hypoluxo

07. Cowboy Poet - Hypoluxo

08. Fallout - TV Girl

09. Speak French - TV Girl

10. My Girl - Foliage

11. Time After Time - Foliage

12. Statue is a Man Inside - Pavo Pavo



This episode features a clip from Real Time with Bill Maher where Bill talks about the outrage surrounding Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets and Samantha Bee’s calling Ivanka Trump the C-word, specifically about the coarsening of the culture.

01. Nantucket Island - Willie Wright

02. Needle and Thread - Ages and Ages

03. Crazy Like a Fox - Damien Jurado

04. Rio - Terry

05. When I Tried - Widowspeak

06. Heart of Me - Dianas

07. Everybody Wants to be Famous - Superorganism

08. Is There a Place I Can Go - Trudy and the Romance

09. Jesus Was a Cross Maker - Judee Sill

10. Diamonds - Kevin Krauter



This episode features a clip from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher where Bill addresses Trump whining about being the victim of a witch hunt.

01. Hey Moon! - Molly Nilsson
02. Deadly Valentine - Charlotte Gainsbourg
03. Sylvia Says - Charlotte Gainsbourg
04. Days - Beach Youth
05. Young - Beach Youth
06. To Fall Is Not to Fail - Dear Nora
07. Where Do You Go? - Dear Nora
08. This Will Be Our Year - Dear Nora
09. Cicada - La Luz
10. Loose Teeth - La Luz
11. Aunt's Invasion - Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
12. Harlem by the Sea - Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
13. Phase Modulation Shuffle - Cavern of Anti-Matter

This episode features clips from the New Rules segment of the May 11th episode of Real Time with Bill Maher where Bill discusses how the GOP went from being the law-and-order party to the party of the mob. Also a clip from the beloved sketch comedy series The Kids In the Hall featuring a guy with a Sarcastic Speech Impediment.

01. Tir Ha Mor - Gwenno
02. Put It On a T-Shirt - The Vaccines
03. Maybe (Luck of the Draw) - The Vaccines
04. 29 Palms - Reptaliens
05. If You Want - Reptaliens
06. Folie à Deux - Burning Hearts
07. In My Garden - Burning Hearts
08. Fantasy Island (Flipped) - The Shins
09. So Now What (Flipped) - The Shins
10. 2 Cool 2 Care - Anna Burch
11. Tea-Soaked Letter - Anna Burch
12. Computer Talk - Party Ben

This episode features clips from Brian Posehn's comedy album 25x2, specifically his bits about Kid Rock, PC culture on college campuses, and reclaiming taboo words to better represent liberals and conservatives.

01. The Lilac Bush - Slow Dakota
02. New for You - Hinds
03. Soberland - Hinds
04. Mentiras - Melenas
05. Cartel de neón - Melenas
06. All These Worlds are Yours - HOLY
07. Holiday - Air Waves
08. Tangerine - Air Waves
09. Apathy - Frankie Cosmos
10. Jesse - Frankie Cosmos
11. Bi Kameleou - Volta Jazz

This episode doesn't feature a clip from this review of the Bobo Yéyé box set from NPR's All Things Considered, but I kinda wish it did. I just couldn't get it to fit, so it doesn't. But listen to it anyway!

01. Leave It In My Dreams - The Voidz
02. Wayside - Renata Zeiguer
03. Follow Me Down - Renata Zeiguer
04. Thawing Dawn - A. Savage
05. Eyeballs - A. Savage
06. A Lotta Things - Bonny Doon
07. Where Do You Go? - Bonny Doon
08. Middle of the East - Matt Berry
09. The Night Terrors (Saint Etienne Mix) - Matt Berry
10. The Only Thing New is U Finding Out About It - The Go! Team

The episode includes a clip of “Spacestar Ordering (The One True Path)” by Matt Berry as Douglas Reynholm on the IT Crowd.

01. Value - Foliage
02. Watch Evil Grow - Chemtrails
03. Ghosts of My Dead Cats - Chemtrails
04. Amnesia - Computer Magic
05. Perfect Game - Computer Magic
06. Going Places - Molly Nilsson
07. Kumla - Molly Nilsson
08. Diving Woman - Japanese Breakfast
09. Machinist - Japanese Breakfast
10. Is It Real - Jeanines
11. Hits the Bone - Jeanines
12. End of Faith (Radio Edit) - The Autumn Stones

This episode features a clip from the Design Matters podcast where host Debbie Millman talks to Steven Pinker about a wide range of subjects, all interesting. In particular a clip about why people don’t like change. Don’t miss his great new book, Enlightenment Now.

01. Valentine - Jonathan Bree
02. Mayday - The Go! Team
03. Getting Back Up - The Go! Team
04. Just One Look - The Derevolutions
05. Stand by Me - The Derevolutions
06. Such a Gemini - Faith Healer
07. Try ;-) - Faith Healer
08. Tic Tac Toe - Django Django
09. In Your Beat - Django Django
10. I Promise You (Ezra's Demo) - Ezra Koenig

This episode features a clip from HBO's Vice News Tonight where Ian Parton and Simone Odaranile of The Go! Team break down the song Mayday. There's also a clip from Sam Harris' Waking Up podcast (with guest Preet Bharara), where Sam accurately observes that given his skills and abilities, he's surprised Trump isn't homeless and begging for change.