The Sounds in My Head is a music podcast featuring songs and bands you might have missed. Hosted by an indie-pop loving Brooklynite named Daniel since 2004.

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01. Yell It Out - The Derevolutions
02. Band from America - The Derevolutions
03. Something Good - The Derevolutions
04. Hanging with the Moon - Snapped Ankles
05. I Want My Minutes Back - Snapped Ankles
06. The Technology - Computer Magic
07. Emily - Computer Magic
08. Hurry Up Now - Harumi
09. Hunters of Heaven - Harumi
10. Sexyland - Crepes
11. Mild Conversation - Crepes
12. Marble Machine (Piano Version) - Wintergatan
13. Pasadena - Hupfeld Phonolizt Violina Orchestrion
14. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - De Schuyt, Carl Frei Fairground Organ (ca. 1930)

This episode features a clip of Tom Nichols on Sam Harris’ podcast Waking Up where he discusses the resentment “elites” and “experts” rampant in certain depressing pockets of America. There’s also a clip from a Wintergatan update video where Martin discusses biking in Utrecht and Holland more generally. Be sure to subscribe to Wintergatan’s channel, and watch all of the amazing videos in the Music Machine Mondays series. It might just make you book a ticket to The Netherlands!


01. Halcyon Age - Vansire
02. Ondulation - Burning Peacocks
03. Taking What's Not Yours - TV Girl
04. Heaven is a Bedroom - TV Girl
05. Walk Don't Run - Chimney
06. #31 - Chimney
07. Float - Silver Liz
08. One and Twenty - Silver Liz
09. Pale White Flower - Kid Canaveral
10. Lifelong Crisis of Confidence - Kid Canaveral
11. You've Got Me - Alex Napping
12. Like a Rolling Stone - Rostam

This episode features a clip from WNYC’s On The Media where Brooke Gladstone’s interview with Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick about the dangers inherent in rushing to take the high ground, specifically with regard to Al Franken being forced to resign.


01. Are You Gonna Stop the White Xmas - Bad Tattoo
02. Got Something for You - Best Coast feat. Wavves
03. Christmas Wrapping - Summer Camp
04. All I Want for Christmas - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
05. We Just Go Nuts at Christmastime - They Might Be Giants
06. Christmas In the Big House - They Might Be Giants
07. Holiday Fortnight - The Specials
08. (I Wish I Were Giving You a Gift) This Christmas - Girl Ray
09. Father Christmas - OK Go
10. One More Sleep 'til Christmas - Randolph's Leap
11. Just Like Christmas - Randolph's Leap
12. Fairytale of New York - Rostam


01. All My Friends - Lens Mozer

02. Velvet - Tussilago

03. Carl Sagan - Night Moves

04. Denise, Don't Wanna See You Cry - Night Moves

05. Little Dark Age - MGMT

06. Garden Hose - Strawberry Runners

07. Your Bed Was Tall - Strawberry Runners

08. Goodboy - Rose Dorn

09. Phospholipid - Blood Cultures

10. Detroit - Blood Cultures

11. Getting Gone - Mutual Benefit


This episode features a couple of clips of Carl Sagan from his COSMOS series. Particularly recognizable clips for fans of Symphony of Science's Glorious Dawn.

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01. Lines - Dang Clēts
02. Semicircle Song - The Go! Team
03. Black Rainbows - Cut Copy
04. Standing in the Middle of the Field - Cut Copy
05. Flowers on the Windowsill - Songs for Walter
06. Tougher Than a Soldier's Boots - Songs for Walter
07. I Don't Know What to Do - Tall Juan
08. Why Not? - Tall Juan
09. Time Bomb - Tall Juan
10. Vendetta - Mellow Gang
11. Lagoon (Solina) - Mellow Gang
12. Glowing Brightly - Florist
13. If Blue Could Be Happiness - Florist
14. Love You Till the Day I Die - Fats Domino

This episode features a clip from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher's New Rules where he complains about driving based action movies for dudes. At the end I played music from Jon Baptiste playing "When the Saints Go Marching In"—in the style of Fats Domino.

01. 35th Middle East Art Space in Humble Bragswick - Elliot
02. Falcon - sir Was
03. Trouble in the Streets - Goat
04. Un-American Woman - Dinner
05. Throw Some Light - Shout Out Louds
06. Rest Yr Skull - Magic Potion
07. Rabbits - Boys
08. At Least I Tried - kathinka
09. A Few Empty Waves - Cats On Fire
10. The Missing Steps - Sleep Party People
11. Condensation - Old Amica

This episode features a clip from a VICE News Tonight segment about how Hygge is key to Denmark's cultural identity, and also from an episode of VICE News about Sweden’s aggressive attempt to eliminate gendered stereotypes from their society.

01. The Song With No Name - Hamilton Leithauser
02. Black Magic - New Mystics
03. Rebels - New Mystics
04. Sometimes - Hypoluxo
05. Cowboy Poet - Hypoluxo
06. Oom Sha La La - Haley Heynderickx
07. First I'm Sorry - Haley Heynderickx
08. Supernatural Powers - Shenandoah Davis
09. Gold Coast - Shenandoah Davis
10. Smoke Machine - Jesse Woods
11. Digging a Grave - Jesse Woods
12. Humdinger - The Space Lady
13. Ghost Riders in the Sky - The Space Lady
14. Relays - S U R V I V E

This episode features a clip from Late Night with Seth Meyers’ Closer Look at Trump in Puerto Rico. And don't forget to buy your copy of the fantastic new popup book by Kelli Anderson: This Book is a Planetarium! The trailer features snippets of The Space Lady's cover of "Major Tom."

01. Good Things - Michael Nau
02. Just Like That - Girl Ray
03. Monday Tuesday - Girl Ray
04. Aside from Growing Old - Cate Le Bon
05. Perfume Days - Cate Le Bon
06. As If Apart - Chris Cohen
07. Yesterdays on My Mind - Chris Cohen
08. Fire in Cairo - Luna
09. Most of the Time - Luna
10. Around and Around - Luna
11. Bike Dream - Rostam
12. Gwan - Rostam
13. Don't Let It Get to You (Reprise) - Rostam

This episode features a couple of clips from Marc Maron’s fantastic new Netflix comedy special Too Real. He talks about how life has changed under the know-nothing sexual predator and weighs checking out Turd Journey on Clomper.

01. Caribbean Moon - Hinds
02. Saved by a Waif - Alvvays
03. Your Type - Alvvays
04. Floating By - Washed Out
05. Wait - Fascinations Grand Chorus
06. Go - The New Rags
07. The Cascades - The New Rags
08. Maple Leaf Rag - The New Rags
09. Who Needs a Car? - Soda Fountain Rag
10. The Year I’m 17 - Soda Fountain Rag
11. 5 Years Time - Noah & The Whale
12. I Was Born to Be a Cowboy - Charlie Fink
13. Turtleneck - The National
14. Carin at the Liquor Store - The National
15. You're So Cool - Jonathan Bree

This episode features a clip from the new season of the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman where he and Diane talk smack about the people of Los Angeles, CA. For no reason, other than it made me laugh when I watched it.

01. Mixed Emotion - Dreamgirl
02. Wouldn't Even Know - Amber Arcades
03. Which Will - Amber Arcades
04. If You Met Her - Palehound
05. At Night I'm Alright with You - Palehound
06. Tossing Tears - Twin Peaks
07. It Was Always You - Major Leagues
08. How Will the Heart Know - Major Leagues
09. I Bet High - Pop & Obachan
10. Elora's - Pop & Obachan
11. Invitation - Triptides
12. Y'all Come (Live 1969) - Glen Campbell
13. What's in It For? - Avi Buffalo

This episode features a couple of clips from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, the first where in talking to Jesse Jackson, Bill reads a favorite quote from MLK's Letter from a Birmingham Jail, and another where NYTimes columnist Frank Bruni talks about how white male liberals are excluded from the oppression olympics which afflict the left's identity politics.